Saturday, January 13, 2018

how John Robert McCormick school of engineering functions ? ask Ani Ajit and Warren buffett

amazing time
the clocl could stop clicking any time
I think of Chicago, Bolder, Dallas,
I call San Diego and houston for truce

Happy years come and go like winds
the time when I encounter you by mistake
it is the time I get to how to get to Sesame Street
Ryan Field wildcats,

Norris University center,
Mary Block museum,
Rebecca Crown center
Sherman street, Church street, Sheridan street,

we do know alan, Goce, Jennifer, Morty, Rachel,
I often make these charming birds fly south
so that they absorb air from Nola family,
James Galway, Melissa Galway, Rann Wang, Sarah Audubon....

visit Audubon Park and have fun with wild animals there

New Semester, New Hope, Good Luck, 2017---2021 students

it seems like century years long
the place is full of brown
and crown
of hats and frogs
the day rains dry
stiffy bones and stuffy noses
voices rise
ghostly haunts scare you and me,
i roll up my coat sleeves
doing some dry cleaning

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Thursday Poets Rally

1/14/2010 to 1/14/2018,
it has been nine years of duration
and 8 years full of teeth gritting
we do love poetics
share your poetry with us

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Image result for happy 8 years birthday 

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Friday, October 13, 2017

poetry and story inn fridays week 4, 5, short story slam week 75, 76, 77

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matt and joy evelyn
mimi and morton,
julio and alan
alicia and james

melissa galway comes
she knows my secrets
when I let her share my corn flakes
Kay galway and robert hasty know the bruce barry