Friday, May 22, 2015

happy birthday to May School fish!!!!

April fish,
May fish,
Spring fish,
Fall fish.
fish in the air,
fish in water,
fish in pond,
fish under deep blue sea.
dr. seuss writes about rhyming lyrics,
dr. lambtony opts more funny tones,
mother goose walks for positive notes,
a poet searches for well fine tuned limericks.
poems online,
poems in books,
poems in minds,
poems atwoods,
a poem is a sentence for audience to enjoy,
not for people to swallow bitterness.
fish enjoys freedom
people hunts for higher ground,
poetry speaks of foreign language at times,
glad that Morrison Clark and Infamous Page-Brickers
have done homework on many of those.

Across to The Peloponnese By James Welch

 sending prayers to those victims and their families...peace!
A decent man died today,
No one knows how things come in his way.
He died today at ten past three,
the final tick of the soccer match.
Shepherds complained of a winter wind,
the butcher laid down his lamb.
Some mothers say he was a poet,
he wrote stunning ones on rare paper
about-you see, almost everything, silver or gold,
the poems that were eloquently foreign.
Flies walk against the windowpane.
Dogs bark, restless themselves
that the Aegean mocks mourners
gathered in his room.
Nobody knows how he passed away
or why-he always gets up at 7 o'clock,
he occupied no relatives or criminals way
of throw himself against the rock.
Fishermen had their boats shine
along the shore against the Peloponnese,
In Montana, women are certain
Greece tease herself, not the Turks.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Forsaken Shepherdess

I love sitting beside the stream
that runs easy and cool,
setting the woods in mood,
with joyful scream.
Fish swim in water,
Trout blinded, carp blazing,
and frogs leaping,
The soundness of nature is amazing.
I pipe my tune of discovery,
a simple shepherdess alone,
while flocking crimson, glittering stars,
and lowlands turn to stone.