Friday, December 20, 2013



what did we do to one another
that now we are as the Gods,
who are in charge of different states
but think in our wise heads
that mine maybe better than yours,
or I shall diminish the other to dominate,
Don't you know that the universe is big
too big to exclude anyone
and it's foolish to think criminal thoughts
while enjoying one's freedom of differing voices.
Be proud of your own associations,
Let others fly ahead, behind, above, or below you,
Latent flight can be managed to validate your focus.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Imprisoned inside

Imprisoned inside,
My imagination has gone for a wild ride.
Budding tree leaves,
Bursting blossoms,
Bubbling breeze,
Brain-storming classrooms.
This is Spring!
Blue pools,
Bright skies,
Banned Schools,
Burning desires.
This is Summer.
Brown earth,
Beaming faces,
Beautiful births,
Blasting graces,
This is Autumn.
Blowing snow,
Barren fields,
Bittersweet frost,
Bare trees.
This is Winter.