Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lindsay Rhodes: The Smiles Everyone Loves When It Comes To Banking!

Banking at Stillwater National Bank
is a rewarding experience, recently,
After Tom got his Job confirmed,
Ji opened a savings account
and a checking account for him
so that his salary is directly deposited
to his account monthly, Lindsay Rhodes
has been a heart warming clerk meeting
Tom's every single need these days...
Thumbs Up!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Solitude by Victor Osorio


There is a sign on the door
'Keep away from me'
I've said this to you before
It's written for you to see
Don't come in, no matter what
If you hear me scream or cry
Turn around and walk away
This is my solitude, this is my home
Peace is found here
It's never lonesome for me
How could I really know the difference
Being alone is the only way I know
Please don't knock on the door
Turn around and go
I release my emotions
I create in the process
I'll leave when I'm done
Walk outside, pretend to be happy
Go back to the world
That never was and never will be.