Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Complex Relation

Do count on yourself,
for the sake of independence,
respect the proud self.

Mad cows, loud noises,
Messy incidents influences,
Shut out the poisons.

complex relation,
Distant or close reaction,
It matters something.

wishes or desires,
when kids are part of the dough,
We must pray withhold.

Fox news radio show,
Politics, traffic, updates,
Phone calls, all honest so.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Manhathan At New York City

Do you know Randall Lane and  Steve Forbes at Forbes Magazine?
How about Andy Serwer, Adam moss, Jiahong Wool, Kristina O'Neill, David Boren,
or Andrew Morris, Marcelo Rochabrun, Chunyan Lu at Pace University?
Are you aware of Clarence Barron, Henry Jarvis Raymond, and Jim Kimmuel?
Have you ever met Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jill Abramson, Dean Baquet, Michele McNally?
Someday, you certainly will know John Deddes, Richar Berke, Andrew Rosenthal.

There are lots of powerful magazines or newspapers in the U. S.,
Tom Jolly and James Reynolds might not agree with one another,
Yet, it is essential for you to know how they do business for success,
Nash Holdings, Katharine Weymouth, Martin Barron, John Wolfson...
Each and every one of them has unbeatable voices
in featuring, reporting, photographing, and editing...

I do have access to Barrons, New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Princeton Review,
New Yorker, Washington Post, Tulsa World, Money, McCormick, and Red Book...
and Women's Day, Metro Family, Daily O'Colly, Stillwater Newspress  do impress.
In this country, we must admit New York city's leading role
in media resources, please give a big go to famous people such as Emma Watson,
Zhang Xu, Juanita Wallance, Mararet Tsai, Alice Zhang, Megan Turner, and Lawrence Yep.

Manhathan is an exciting branch to New York City,
Central park, Broadway Avery Fisher Hall, Cargenie Hall,
Dunkin Donuts, Five Guys, Burger King, Subway, CVS store are helpful.
Do visit Madison Square Garden, Time Square, Statue of Liberty,
and Starbucks Coffee adds fancy to Brooklyn Bridge's mind-blowing beauty.