Sunday, December 20, 2015

short story slam week 35, Sunday whirl

Wordle 230

 Love spreads
when extreme emotion goes fluff
and the distance shortens
Sweet memory in lure
no fears to increase one's brain schemes
let the flood of hunger erease
her back is laced with blond long hair
her eye brows is shaped s
holiday favor is colored with vicious choice

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Measuring Greatness from the Manger Up 

Love Is Not Sex, But Attractions

Six Word Saturday 

Six Word Fridays ~ Love 

short story slam week 35, Dece 17 to Janu 10, 2016

Sunday, December 6, 2015

flashing fame hall

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short stroy slam week 34

Short Story Slam Week 34 on Holiday Sentiments

far from calm bay of arctic,
there is a road paving its way to paradise
which marks down people from Fay Stubeman

folks sing music for a good reason,
because they must face the days 
to rest at peace at night

when John Clinton applies for a position,
he thinks of loose ropes,
and he thinks of developing excellence in every student

and Bob Cooper continues the journey,
with Jason Edward Grife extends its melody,
Yep, Glad to have Eric, Peter, Matt, Sarah, Glecia, and Amy join in

on the dates when they must pass the tests,
they line up to fine tune their string play skills,
and Molly Baugh indeed pleases Lixia Chen, Nathan Greenwood, and

Scott Jackson is the master soemtimes,
Karina Fisher and Corie Melaugh get mad at their own musical views,
that is when Samantha Murphy, Casey Tripp, Austin Ihnat, and Symon Ma persist