Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carolina (North + South) = Curt Sharp + Rosemary + Li (Lee) + Caiola

North Carolina and South Caroline sit next to each other,
gracing far east of North America along the shore
of Atlantic ocean, republican candidate Gingrich
wins the state, Caroline lily flowers, Cruz hot girls,
golf championships, and chickadee birds make the place
spicy, heartwarming, and entertaining. Universities
at both north and south Caroline are comprehensive.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

FORTUNE Magazine: The Far-sighted Mission That Stimulates Everyone's Imagination!

FORTUNE magazine has sent Jingle and Sheng
their recent copies, The magazine
is creative on cover design,
content plots, subtitles such as what's next
in technology, energy, banking, medicine,
offices, education, plus Mitt Romney on economy,
the education of Florida Governor Rick Scott...
name a few, their words and thoughts
are masterful, brilliant, and true...

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Jun Tu and Zixiong Hu: The Beautiful Mandarin Ducks Who Honor Jingle Yanqui

Jun Tu and Jingle Yanqui, 1990, Beijing Wuzi University

Jun Tu is the sixth sister as
Jingle's roommate at Beijing Wuzi University,
A Jiujiang, Jiangxi native, Tu has close relation
with Jingle, her boyfriend Zixiong Hu
(8621 class), has gifted Jingle a bottle
of Pantene shampoo he won from
university Track and Field Event,
Tu and Hu got married in Putian,
Fujian after graduation.

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Jiaying He from Yuokou City: A Soulful Swan Charming Jingle’s Primary School

Jiaying He, from Yuokou city teaching Jingle
music during 1976-1977,
with hubby fighting a war for China,
stands out for her charming look,
unique version, and multiple talent...
"Chuanhui (Jingle) always carries
a natural smile on her face,
I'm glad to have her in my class."
Ms. He's words linger
in Jingle's heart until today.

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