Friday, March 23, 2012

Jun Tu and Zixiong Hu: The Beautiful Mandarin Ducks Who Honor Jingle Yanqui

Jun Tu and Jingle Yanqui, 1990, Beijing Wuzi University

Jun Tu is the sixth sister as
Jingle's roommate at Beijing Wuzi University,
A Jiujiang, Jiangxi native, Tu has close relation
with Jingle, her boyfriend Zixiong Hu
(8621 class), has gifted Jingle a bottle
of Pantene shampoo he won from
university Track and Field Event,
Tu and Hu got married in Putian,
Fujian after graduation.

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  1. Jun Tu and Hu were friendly,

    they have been in the same class of 8621,
    and they have done physical experienments as a team in a physics class...

  2. Tu wrote to Ji after she married Hu,

    Hu was in charge of Putian Oil/GAS cOAL COMPANY instantly at work, blessings for both of them.