Friday, March 23, 2012

Jiaying He from Yuokou City: A Soulful Swan Charming Jingle’s Primary School

Jiaying He, from Yuokou city teaching Jingle
music during 1976-1977,
with hubby fighting a war for China,
stands out for her charming look,
unique version, and multiple talent...
"Chuanhui (Jingle) always carries
a natural smile on her face,
I'm glad to have her in my class."
Ms. He's words linger
in Jingle's heart until today.

Image Credit;, On China, Wars, Primary School Teachers and students, Friendships cross the global...Jingle, Ji Yan, Jiaying He, Jingle Yanqui..America...China...

1 comment:

  1. encouragement is important,

    Jiaying He is a lovely lady to remember,

    She is in Jingle's memory for good.

    PS: Jingle's chinese name is Chuanhui Peng, which means passing wisdom Peng.