Tuesday, January 26, 2016

black and white wednesday, Branches,

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Branches

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in green and gold... 

 Chris Wang has unspokable fears,
despite the fact that he is away from San Deigo,
studying Biology at Boston College

Wavely Wang and Senta Wang disagree to assume,
because they see their parents daily,
they smile when Frank, Judy, or Joe pick them up from a music rehearsal.

why teens or young adults grow older faster?
because they lack security, due to modern society
and many unknown elements in family, relation, or marriage

although Bing Chen and Albert Cai are doing well,
they indeed frown if their needs are not met,
that is why I suggest that all students blog, write, honor yourself,

mellow, yellow, green, blue, or white,
a colorful dress carries energy to audiences,
Some say hello to Tomas, some do to Austin, or Sheggy

I wish to help some people who struggle with freedom thing,
not all agree to believe that poetry is one major love,
creativity will always be our passion, not a partner

love is blind
love is cheap in high school gym
love brings Jemma, Barbara, Scarlet, April, Olive, Sean, and Abbey smiles 

Open Theme Friday [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

Monday, January 18, 2016

delightful musical from Malaysia

not many music satisfy
until i listen to Timi Zhuo,
including Joel Yung, Yuqin Fei, and Qiang Fei

last night,
I happen to search for new chapter of mood,
that sets me in a unique page,
when I find that Jiahong Kong opts for Malaysia

It is our first time to discover passion, innocence, and creative juice
from someone who reside in Asia, and knows lots
and have the courage to put up a show
to entertain all

the rates are good,
We rain praise to BA Da Ju Xin (eight big singers):
here comes cofounder Shengzhong Zhong, Xiaoyu Zhong,
then pops up Xuejin Wang, Ni A, Bing Luo, Qin Yan, Meijun Guo

the format of the show is inventive,
dancing steps mix with adorable facial expressions,
thus i print another few names, Nuoni Peng, Shuirong Tian,
Jingjing Mo, Jiarong Wang, Honghua Chen, Yanping Li, or Qiang Luo

some officers from there never seek fame from USA,
they feel confident enough to stay civic without personal attacks,
today is a moment for some good folks there, Pandikar Amin Mulia
smiles fly to Abdul Halim, Najib Razak, Arifin Zakaria, Abu Zahar Ujang,



Friday, January 8, 2016

short stroty slam week 36, abc wednesday, signs of culture

short story slam week 36, Dec. 31, 2015 --Jan 17, 2016

wet paint,
no rule breaking

danger in the woods
keep out no entre

wichita falls
wild pond tufts loneliness

delicate skin
visual pleasure gladly

wrist and handback
tadpoles and lily pads

munching ripple
frenzy twilight

grazing zappos
eager zappotopia

guzzle shadow
no sign of truce

zipper up musical notes with your key board

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 Image result for signs of culture

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Forests [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up] 

eager, frenzy, guzzle, 
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  Image result for zappos