Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a spooky slam for the day

when John Paige decides to see Shen Nong Jia, he did not expect to get upset,
because a good place is not supposed to be influenced by a few rebelling figures,
today's world is information age, and the distance from Pacific ocean to Greenland
is short because residents can hear each other when they speak...
John Paige is asked to pay a large amount of money to a casino owner,
yet he is not totally convinced, and he indeed follows their lead, and enjoys
the chess and the spinning wheels, plus the guess the price games, so when
he leaves, those who befriend with him feels very satisfied, while John walks
with a determination of not to beg for favor.
then one day, a ups truck stops at his Hollywood home, and he is told that he has
won a trip to Austria in November to celebrate thanksgiving, and his ego is boosted
and he feels good that he has forgotten the dyanosi experience, he indeed still feels
the chill when he greets a skeleton during a Halloween party at Moscow weeks earlier.

 Image result for october events

Image result for october events

Thursday, October 8, 2015

short story slam

I saw a silver owl outside my window,
The tree was bare, the trunks show three.
Icy leaves, motionless on grass,
shaped as bells of crimson glass.
Azure glass and emerald glass tremble,
as I walk pass the place, humble.
The owl stood in the tree alone,
and in her beak she clutched a bone.
I went up the hill,
the universe was white and still.
And there was neither tree nor bird,
and no bell shook and no leaf stirred.