Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

fame of midwest, north east coast, and west coasts

Fred Trump
Mary Trump
Mary Washington
Donald Trump
Ted Cruz
Hidie Cruz
Barry Sanders
Maxwell Barry
Bruce Barry
Malia Obama
Sasha Obama
Emma Watson
J. K. Rowling
Kate Middleton
Charlotte Wu
Amelia Wu
Aime Wood
Steve Wood

all wondeful folks
they aid Ashley Biden,
Jill Tracy Biden
John Kerry
Richard Huang
Tom Lee
Alan Colgate
Harry Sethman
Robert Harley
Stephen miller
Sam Walton
Walt Disney
Michelle Obama
Linlin Wu
Jing Wu
Qun Yan
Chunfeng Zhao
Qin Yan

I wait until the party is over
never mind the upset mood of Kevin Silicon and Rosella Mary Boomer
at far east, Hong Kong and Macau
Yongshun Yan, Jinlong Wu, Xiao Gong, and He Yan rules
Jingjing Guo, Lawrence Fok, Thomas Ford, and Aidan Clinton Rodham sighs
Hui Su, Hui Liao, Ji Yan, Yuanxi Peng, Lunli Peng, and Jialiang Shuai program
Nianyu Wang, Bing Li, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Mike Pence repeat

one united people
and we stand for justice
and we dare embrace Mimi Schapiro, and Rachel Schapiro
and we dare join Jian Cao, Wei Chen, Yan Chen, Julio Ottino, and Stacia Campbell
and at chamber orchestra music
we hear Meredith Blecha Wells, Thomas Lanners, She He Jin, Shida Henneberry
and Michael Henneberry, Austin Mitchell, Sean Yen, and Wenjia Xu...beef jerk links treats

short story slam week 56, sprouts market, jimmy's egg, daylight coffee, and McDonald chicken sandwiches

short story slam week 56, sprouts market, jimmy's egg,
daylight coffee, and McDonald chicken sandwiches
they all scream and crow for attention

Tiger's drug, Razook's drug, and Charlie's drug,
they actually sell books on Disney Donald duck and Mickey Mouse
and we also see Eric, Barron, Maples, Knauss, and Mary shake hands with Freddie

when Asian market sell out some Pork Bean stuffed buns,
Eskimo Joe's, George's Stable, Subway, and Parena cook beers
Jim Dean and Jill Hazick support Red Books,

when Baja Fresh and Mambo Italiano sell Frech bread sticks
Amin Maredia and Brad Lukow wonder about winning fame along with Donald Trump
if Jen Stone, Wendy James, Raymon James, and Joel Seligman agree, we win

approval of UPS postal, we do pay attention to Barack Obama,
and Marie Robinson, including Stanley Ann Duham, Rick Blakeley, Thomas Jefferson
Jennifer Flowers and Amy Fowler may jump into the moon

after Moonie Peng, Yuewan Peng, Guiqiang Wang reunion at Kunming,
and Chuanxian Peng, Min Wang, George Bush, Jeb Bush, and Melania Trump eat
at the same table, from AppleBee dining

Human science is vital,
Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer, Jerry Yang, Zach Bogue, and Rebecca Sharp,. wow
I feel good about reading Jack Betts, Mark Kreul, Jim Anderson, and Lisa Smith

a Nina Wise is good enough to attract homeland security,
Arzela Leming, Saint Francis, and Cynthia Brown get on our Wifi from Wicklow plaza,
Jennifer Hays-Grudo, Stephan Wilson, James Teapp, H. A. Chapman, and Joe Biden all go red

we won't be able to forget Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, and Scott Pippen,
we won't be able to let off Morton Owen Schapiro, Pete Jennings, Eric Trump, Jennette Wilson
we won't skip aids from Robert Noyce, Sam Beredjick, and Robin Li

again, believing in Trenton Schulyim, Matt Li, and Marilyn Zhou,
believing in Yu Dou, Kai Dou, Bob Zhang, Hannah Constantin, and Robert Hasty,
media from Saint Louis rains praise from Megan Thielfing, Ani Ajit, Skylar Zhang, and Sophia Bollag

Alissa Schapiro and Scott Pippen, they have Schapiro Pippen and Petit Jean Pippen
Matt Schapiro and Joy Everlyn Wilson, they will obtain Fred Schapiro and Jayne Williamson
Sheng Wu and Amelia Wilson, they have Alison Wu, Cheryl Wu, and Henryetta Hillford Wu

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

images of modern opera houses and western ballets

dance marathon
a long way to win

modern operas
OCU and New york broadway singing birds

we never agree to change
we will always fight to convince

lazy tags
eye care matches gentle care

shopping carts
eggplants win over napa cabbages

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