Sunday, December 28, 2014

random haiku

all of a sudden, I
see angry orchard, blue moon,
plus appleton estate


strive for coney island
end up at Strickland park area,
mid-night breakfast served

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Carmen the Christmas Angel by Maria Atilano

Carmen the angel was dropped from the sky
I don't know from where, or how high.
Her dress was torn, and her halo was not there
All was a shamble, except for her hair.
You see, her hair was a magical thing
Even if she was dirty, and had a broken wing.
Her hair shimmered and was braided with love
And when I undid them, her hair flew like a dove.

I could tell that the angel needed a friend
I knew I would help, love, care, and tend.
But the angel wanted more, to be free
And I guess she didn't want to be with me.

Then I got an idea, and it made me smile
I had to think about it though, just for a while.
I asked the angel if she had a name
The angel then smiled, just the same.

"Yes I do, my name is Carmen!" The angel said.
"You know, I haven't a home or even a bed."
"Perhaps I could sleep in a merry place...."
Where lights always lit and there are plenty of space!"

I laughed a long laugh and covered my mouth
And I noticed the strong wind from the south
The wind swirled around Carmen, and she giggled with glee
And right then and there I knew she belonged to me

So now Carmen is happy, at last
She moved into her new home, so very fast.
She is now my Christmas angel, I love her so much
She is now a free angel, lets end this poem and such.
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