Wednesday, February 24, 2016

people from ebay, cisco, google, yahoo, facebook, nividia, apple, intuit, and oracle shall win fame for high tech

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Salicon Valley, Mountain View, Hayward, Bakersfield, Oxnard, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Fremont
are places, cities, towns that promote conservative living, and musical entertainments, we rain praise to those who serve, respect, evaluate, protect, and educate fresh visitors or incoming residents:

Handsome Thanks to Ya'll

Robert Noyce
Ken Hansen
Jerry Brown
Steely Dan
Jerry Garcia
Cynthia Woods Mitchell
Ak-chin Pavilion
Molson Canadia
John Daly
Phil Ting
Mark Leno
Jackie Speier
Henry Doelger
Santa Mateo
Jim O'Rourke
Ian Williams
Daniel Carter
Peter Evans
Mike Pride
Matt Mottel
Moppa Elliott
Santa Clara
Don Hoefler
Charles Herrold
William Eitel
Jack McCullough
Lee de Forest
David Packard
Kleiner Perkins
Larry Page
Sergey Brin
Eric Schmidt
Jerry Sanders
Lisa Su
Bruce Claflin
Ronald Wayne
Pierre Omidyar
Tom Tiemey
Devin Wenig
Leonard Bosack
Sandy Lerner
Andy Bechtolsheim
Bill Joy
Scott McNealy
Vinod Khosla
David Filo
Brad Smith
Alexa of Bill Campbell
Sheng Wu
Tom Lee Wu
John Doerr
Thoma Brave
Larry Ellison
bob Miner
Ed Oates
Jeff Henley
Safra Catz
Mark Hurd
Jen-Hsun Huang
Chris Malachowsky
Curtis Priem
Jen-Hsun Huang
Scott Cook
Tom Proulx
Kleiner Perkins Caufield
Andy Bryant
Brian Krzanich
Renee James
John Warnock
Charles Geschlce
Shantanu Narayen
Norberto Duerias
sam Liccardo

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Georgia, Russia history extends to Cambridge, Amerca, happy black month history today!

a friend from russia could impress,
a friend from south korea could express

a friend from Black Current street could speak
a friend from Josephine Lumberyard could blog

they all act to voice their opinions
and we won't forget our friends from Peru, Brazil, Spain

back in a few years,
Karl Max, Hovhanners Tumanyan, and Mirza Fatali Akhundzade fight for independence

they involve Jinping Xi, Seijuk Turks, Ak Koyunlu, and Uzun Hassan,
they urge Bugha Al-Turki, Queen Tamar, Sassanid Persia, and Barack Obama for aid

Vakhtang I Gorgasali, Dachi I Ujarmeli, Martha Stewart, and Drew Apatoff wonder,
what is the matter when it comes to Freedom, capitalism, revolution!

a law is out of place once outside the states,
Vyachestav Kovalenko law is different from Nino Burjaanadze law

Kodori Gorge has unique principles from Gela Bezhuashvillli,
Vladimir Putin still shakes hands with Liyuan Peng and Jintao Hu

we study ideas from Paata Wurzein, Giorgi Margvelashulli, David Narmania,
we learn from Giorgi Kvirikashvlli, David Usepashvlli, Mikhell Saakashvlli,

we invite Vremya Novostey, Dmitry Rogozin for dinner,
we explain things to Vyachestav Kovalenko, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Seigei Shamba, and Abkhaz

Iberia, Tbillsi, or Tifilis people remain decent,
we do value Moscow, Georgia, and Washing D. C. for the patience.

  morton owen schapiro, mimi schapiro

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   A book by Joseph William Singer

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

short story slam week 38: happy chinese new year

the year has come
February 7th is the Chinese New Year Eve

back in Beijing,
CCTV is busy,
Benshan Zhao, Shenglan Meng, Lu Chai, Yi Dong, and Zhe Zhu smile

Although Guoqing Cai and Huan Liu may sing,
Ying Na, Zheng Tian, and Amin Mao may dance,
I indeed love Kuizhi Yu, Shengsu Li, Jun An Wang opera

Beijing Weishi Television network,
Wuhan Weishi television network,
both compete with Hunan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, and Fujian Weishi TV gala

Happy 2016 Monkey year,
Visit your family, relatives, and with a package of worthy $20 -$200, smiles welsome

American dollars,
Mei Yuan Zi qian, Meiyuan Zi Qian,
which means passing a american dollar bill and grab a dish to eat from the table

Wear RED and GREEN,
Relax with Festival spirit,
Sit, Watch, use chopsticks to eat, show off your high wisdom and calm mindsets.

that's my childhood secrets,
i roam from Shijiang Zhuang to Hong Kong,
I feel awesome when I dine at Shenyang, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hanyang, and Shen Nong Jia

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