Sunday, April 30, 2017

short story slam week 67,

short story slam week 67, snowpea flowers, snowpea fruits, and green plants and lovely positivity could serve better purpose in all of us

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Now, joy is born of parents poor,
And pleasure of our richer kind;
Though pleasure's free, she cannot sing
As sweet a song as joy confined.

Pleasure's a Moth, that sleeps by day
And dances by false glare at night;
But Joy's a Butterfly, that loves
To spread its wings in Nature's light.

Joy's like a Bee that gently sucks
Away on blossoms its sweet hour;
But pleasure's like a greedy Wasp,
That plums and cherries would devour.

Joy's like a Lark that lives alone,
Whose ties are very strong, though few;
But Pleasure like a Cuckoo roams,
Makes much acquaintance, no friends true.

Joy from her heart doth sing at home,
With little care if others hear;
But pleasure then is cold and dumb,
And sings and laughs with strangers near.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

poetry rally on nutrition, week 84, we pick niagara waterfall, and miso soup, along with Fuji apples

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh)

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niagara waterfall

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miso soup by Mrs. Kazuo Yamasaka

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screaming elephants
they toss their trunk
to demonstrate their strong needs
I shift my heads away
thinking of Jim Henson and Elmo, Sid, Bob,
agreeing to walk alone,
sightseeing the Boomer lake,
memorizing some flames of freedom under shelter 4

Niagara waterfall rush through
pleasing guests from both Canada and America
ignoring Donald Trump and William Trump,
when Ban Nguyen and Matt Scovil come near,
splashes of emotion rain down the pathway
Ivanna and Ivanka won't quit
Nor do Lara, Kay, Warren, Larson, Steven, or Mayo,
Tie Siyuan lays new fast speed railroad to Xu Chang

Lan Zhu engineering
Sharron and Sally beauty shop
If Sophia Bollag and Emily Farris persist,
Joy Evelyn Wilson will remain calm,
dining at Russell's house of Boston,
Rachel Folger and Megan Barry find satisfaction,
they are good enough to pick Fuji apples
and invite Amelia and Abbey for Gay Washington Job fair

Sheridan street a to z, poetry rally week 84, children's program inspire adult readers

passing sesame street,
we stop at sheridan street,
counting from 1 to 10,
doing alphabets starting from A

A---Air Waves in Andy Cheng
B---Bona Vision from Brady Moore
C---Carson Teels in Columbia
D---Deyo Talents in Denver

E---Elephant and Tiffany Poe
F---Fisherman and Lafayette
G---Gorilla and San Diego zoo
H---Hailstone in Austin or Holdensville

I---Ice Cream Cone with Mihyun Kang
J---Jim Thorpe Park from Yale
K---Kansas City near Reyhan Yagizel
L---Lincoln Park Zoo and Aaron Yeager

M---Mexico and Albuquerque
N---Noise and Nathan Ruiz
O---October Peony and Orlando Epcot
P---Phoenix and Peter Sherwood

Q---Quail Duck in Riverside
R---Ruby Lin in Rochester
S---Syria and Obama knowing about Sheung Wan
T---togo and TJmax, Tie Siyuan,

U---Utah Salt Lake and Pixma
V---Vermont and Vaden Hargis
W----Westwood and Haylen Baker
X---Xylophone and Xueqing Cao

Y---Yo Yo toys and Samantha Murphy, Yibing He,
Z---Zuo Yiling (Erin) and Zoology
Huangshi city and April Fool,
our words vanish along with morning rising sun

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

short story slam week 62 current days

short story slam week 62, new voices and rising tides from BWU
and Peking University, including Beijing Broadcasting university

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Image result for beijing broadcasting university  Katrena Yan
Image result for beijing broadcasting university   Leslie Xu

something has happened
Katrena Yan and Leslie Xu has a daughter born February 15, 2017

the baby is cute
her name is Kay Ryan, under assumption of original name Leigha Sophiedun Xu

when Feng Dequan and Wang Jiaqiong intend to sell early childhood theory,
they involve Venetian Peng, Jingle Yan, Yang Lan, Bruno Wu, Amelia Wilson

so, Alan Noell tells a story of Cheng Yong,  He Guoping, Zhou Xin E,
Brad Henry reveals a tale of Peng Chuan Bing, Yin Bing, Wu Aime, Gao Yan

when Gu Juji and Gu Jianfeng join Li Guyi, Dong Qing, and Meng Shenglan,
they confirm that they know Yu Qiuhua, Megan Barry, Joseph Singer, and Paula Clancy

so and so,
Jiu Quansen and Yang Wanrong settle down along with Yu Bingyu, Yang Qun E, Yan Qun

after a few arguments,
we shift our gears to Frank Wang, Emily Wang, He Yan, Chao Hui, Miao Changxin, Wang Jing

Larry Gosney, Chelsea Kim, Nina Williams, Arzelar Leming join the crew

long time ago,
we have longed for Jay Nixon and Sam Brownback aids

Lucinda Page, Larry Page, Alison Wu, Eric Schmidt, and Samrufz Hillford back up

my figures are tired
I let Aaron Yaris, Mira Singer, and Martha Minow smile

why not Emily Krajicek?
why not K. D. Hurley?

why question Balane Blair?
why reject Gao Yan, Gao Hongjian, Tan Yingcong, and Tom L. Wu?

I walk around, assuming Sam Clancy, James McCormick, Michael Mosher are good
and telling truth about Dan Little, Lori Webster, Jerry Brown, and Wang Nianyu


Leslie Xu  (Jiyan at MIT)  //  Katrena Yan (jiyan at berkeley)

daughter   Leigha Sophiedun Xu (Kay Ryan)

under Yan Sheshi, Xu Zhonglin, Yan Yingfang, Yan Bingyan, Michelle Overman, Ray Smith

bless the child
your possible cousins

Frank Shen
Emily Wu
Vanessa Samrufz
Amelia Wu
Paisley Rotmurfawnt
Samba Benredjick Huang
Matilda Bollag Noell
Schapiro Pippen
Kathleen Constantin Dai
Phillip Tucker
Steven Winterbell
Aaron Yaris
Max Barry
Maxiam Chan Zuckerberg
Sohpie Ulrich
Peterson Shuai
Justin Wang
Tristan Trump
Spencer Kushner
Matthew Trump
Kai Trump
James Kushner
Alex Park
Samrufz Asyun
peng yuewan
peng chongqing
peng gaoyan
saint francis
Justin Timber
Robert Panel Laurence
Scott Jackson Lairs
Taylor Kenna McClurg
Tara Robinson Clayton
 rachel zhang
francis doyle
meredith wood
lilyn cheekawood
fan meihua
lucas wood

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Image result for baby

Sunday, January 22, 2017

short story slam week 61, cute face

nathan freenwood
should have relaxed

northern sea disagree
that she shall connect to a ticket for congress man

a new york senator,
hilary clinton has fun with Charlotte, Aidan, and Bill

mostly, we choose
to fall into spring

and dance marathon
under giggling moon

a wise owl could hoot
a pink crow could find a way to drink

Baidu, Yanhong Li and Yahoo Jerry Yang drag Google Sundai into India Ocean fishing business

the fish and the shark swim pass the whales
lots of sting ray sweep sandy shores to catch a child's eyes

lovely day
Alissa and Scott join He Yan and Chao Hui for the Phil Bolstan parade

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