Monday, June 12, 2017

short story slam week 70

short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers 


barbara bush and jeb bush

father, donald trump, sons: Eric, Donald II, Barron and Steven Trump

Charlotte, Michael, Audrey Pence, offspring to Karen and Mike Pence

  xi jinping and Qi Qin, son and mother


agree or not
every voice counts

Kevin Boyle, Joe Hong, Annie May Swift, they have gone fishing in Southern Sea,
Kyle Torke, Jack Matthews, Jilian Sellers, Brian Matthew, they choose to stay silent

yes or no,
we must stand up and vote

if Aaron Becker, Joanne Sneed, Thomas Sneed, and Bridget Mary Maura feel good,
followers shall include Deirdre Maura, Vera Maura, Tracy Bridwell, Tim Passmore

today I work hard
tomorrow I rest a lot

when Steven James, Paul Stone, Eric Shawn,  Eric Wood send love to their fathers
we send kindness to Sundar Pichai, mike Mosher, Kayla Hale, Mary Fisher, Bush and Xi

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