Sunday, June 18, 2017

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Work [Friday My Town Shoot Out]  


Home sweet home  


Christina Atwoods, she trusts Zhu Taohui
Alison Clinton, she agrees with Hu Weiwei
Matt Schapiro, he dates Evelyn Robinson
Paul McCully, she writes as if she were Jingle Yanqui,

Louis Simpson sitcoms, Marge Jean is major character,
Ann Returns, she promotes Yan Qun and Suo Feng,
Tiessa Hurse, she trusts Deborah Chaney,
Maia Megill, she sides up with Gloria Short,

so, on this particular day,
we thread by whistling prints via amazon, and Ebay,
we sign our names to grace Running knees under Lin Yufeng,
and girls and boys all have their wisdom stretching and bending like smiley Wilson
where there is a Murphy USA. there is a horse and a sheep

again and again,
knee bended spoons and way too tough legs move on
gnawsing and ringing hear broken music to echoing stones
thanks again here to Morton Schapiro, Jian Cao, George Bush, Rick Perry
the wheels in our mind turns flat
when we decide to fall and quit the prints under Donald Mackenzie:
"Thousands of Poems" is superb!

  william bus jaco

  tim schmidt

Whirligig 116  

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Tall Girl Running" by Louis Simpson: running, again, knee, father, girl, bends, way, legs, angel, where, smiling, thank

Wordle 304  


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