Monday, March 20, 2017

Sunday Prompts

  nick patel
  kathy campbell

passing Yukon, and Bethany
we sample Italy
by eating Pizza, and
Melinda and William Gates
Garths Brooks street

Emily Wilson and Amelia Sanders
come to
see Arzelar Leming,
they believe that
the sea is high
and the moon is crescent
despite that
Oliver Wood is firm on Nachang city limits

Beth Kowitt, Jon Page, and Bobbie Page news
Clifton Leaf, Audrey Niffenegger, Wiltilda Morris, and Cara;yn Beshner keep writing,
so do Tom Owen Washington, Dasha Ziborova, Ross Martin, J. K. Meadors, and Larry Murphy
Jeff Wright and David Chun do cleaning on our teeth
so do Bryan Bumpers, Stephen miller, Jason Himebaugh, Adam Hasenmyer, and Xu xiaojing
lone wolf bay
Quartz Mountain park ranger keeps an eye on Ryan Greer
west 44 is blocked
east 44 has to be reached through 283, 6, 62, 40, 35, 33, 3, 183, Taloga, Waynoka, and Pregue

Crystal boatman and Zach Shields fence,
Travis Clark and Lara Udovich, Susan Thomas or Becky Freeman,
none of them mind what Tom Hurst says
when Vicker Hendrikson and Gerald Clancy decide to drive to new york city,
route 9 and road 47 depart from each other
what startling giants birds from 12 heavy air force helicopter
they roam above Calorado and Iowa,
leaving behind of Hoffman Wood, Chris Stolle, Jerry Ries, Gerals Tims, and Wicxk Rench


short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers

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