Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shenyang City: The Best Place To Be Besides Home!

Top: Jingle at Shenyang, 1990, for undergraduate internship
Shenyang Born Girls...They are both beautiful and Sweet...

Shenyang is the capital city
of Liaoling Province in North East
China, Jingle's internship was done
there in March, 1990...
Residents usually are more
open minded than that in rest of China,
in addition to that, Shenyang city
is famous for its steel production...
Jingle enjoyed the homely
Shenyang dishes by
Wuzi  (materials) management companies.


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  1. this city is very special,

    I stayed there for 10 days, the chef from the company never repeats dishes...loved the food and warm hearts of people there.

    I will always cherish the sweetest memories from there.

    keep it up.