Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jian Tan: A Good Friend at Beijing (Chemical Technology University)

From Hunan Province, shared the same bed
at High School with Jingle for an entire year,
Jian Tan made it to Beijing Chemical Technology
University, Jian and Ji stayed connected in college,
Ji stopped responding to Jian after
she became pregnant in 1992...Jian Tan
is a good friend, Ji visited her campus many times.

Image Credit: google.com, on Beijing Chemical Technology University....


  1. Jian Tan and Ji have gone from high school classmates, roommate, to friends at Beijing, they enjoyed each other. Jian Tan tried to compete with Ji, they end up similar experiences in many ways,

    Jian Tan married a High School classmate, worked at an army unit nest Beijing.

  2. typo,

    next to Beijing downtown...