Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Youth and Government (the Y in G) Program: A Glittering Avenue For Youth 2 Gover and Grow Firm Leadership Skills!

YMCA Youth in Government gives
high school students the opportunity
to author legislation and debate it.
Judicial Branch allows students
to be witnesses, attorneys, and judges.
so far, over 12,000 students are
involved with this unique leadership experience.
Sheng and JD Henneberry had been involved with
in their high school years. They love it.

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  1. Ref: your 'unfortunate past'. It seems we will most likely have an unfortunate future too, but your Youth and Government movement is a timely reminder there are other ways of settling differences than pissing contests and gives young people practice in the art of democracy! Just hearing what the opposition is really thinking at least promotes understanding and absolutely prevents demonising, the precursor to violence. Excellent!