Monday, October 8, 2012

To Sheng The Wu at Nu, I Pray and Bless You!


Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 74 (October 4 -October 10)

Your cello music echoes in my ears,
The childishness in you softens my fears,
with thousands of miles apart,
I pray for you to be well in terms of God.
I know your IQ is high,
I believe in your ability to fly,
Your Dad watches your concert on Youtube, fondly,
While I confirm your updates, nicely.
Tom misses your brotherly smiles,
We value your existence and charm via web files,
Family love, unconditional,
Childhood, parenthood, campus life, remarkable!


  1. prayers to Sheng, to Tom, and to Sabrina.

  2. It's so wonderful to have family to cherish whether it's in your house, next door, two states over or across the ocean. I don't care what anyone says I love technology, because it keeps us all connected.
    Enjoyed reading this; it was full of family love and made me smile. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed day.