Monday, March 4, 2013

Bookmark Acrostic: Bless Holm Production at Conyers, Georgia

Because of human imagination, artistic talents,
Open lands it dreams of still
On Boundless knowledge is its prison the edge and the middle
Knights sick black and pure white
Mach on either side, protecting?
Always protecting, or imprisoning?
Racing in freedom, farther in its prison
Kindly at last, all knights are gone, freedom is given, never taken

Be your own boss,
Open your eyes to new doors
On potential art and talent and creativity,
Karen Baker works under Todd Holm happily,
Marching their way to success, freedom, and satisfaction,
All the way from New York time Square to Washington D. C.,
Raining wisdom and encouragements to supporters, home workers,
Kissing the beauty of wildcats imagination....