Sunday, September 8, 2013

Additional Peers, Mentors, Tutors, and Instructors of Sheng's Piano, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming Lessons/Training...1997-2010

Believe it or not, I know that Sheng has taken private piano lessons (1997-2004), private cello lesson (2005-2010), plus lots of gifted kids camps, music camps, basketball and baseball programs, swimming lessons level I to V, and tennis lessons at locale community, maybe marathon training upon going to college starting 2010..

Here is some names I discovered by looking at his folders, please don't take it personally in case you used to be a helpful mentor to Sheng but your name is not listed, i tried, but it is still an incomplete list so far...

In NO particular order, random listing...

Denise McClurg (piano teacher),
Nikigo Freeman,
Jeff Newcomev,
Whiteney Cooper, (Swimming),
Barbara Reeder, (National High School Institute at Nu, summer music camp),
Dan Farris,
Toni-Marie Montgomery,
Deborah Collins,
Kate Igoe,
Jean Burnett,
Greg Lee,
Jon Ruck,
Amy Cheng,

Lisa Marie Storm,
Amelia Jeannette Wilson,
Gayla Foster (Summer Arts ),
Hitomi Kawamitsa (Japanese Friend),
Eine Kleine Quartzmusik,
Diane Ackmann,
Michael Brewer,
Nathan Greenwood,
 Angie Hill,
Rick Gimbel,

Ming Gao (Notary Certificate of Sheng's birth to parents Jiahong Wu and Ji Yan, beijing)
Austin McClain Mitchell,
Isabel Frances Sanders,
Sean W. Yan,
Tyler Scott Martin,
Roger M. Myers,
Yagmur Tok,
Jim Amerson,
Steven K. Marks,
Theodora Morris,
Ralph Morris,
Hong Zhu,
charlee Lanis,
Justin Pourtorkan,
Ginger Coleman,

Peter Nguyen,
Ashlley Northam,
Curtis Hansen,
Miho Fisher,
Kea Beasley,
Nancy L. vonBargen,
Matt Hull,
Ross Sethman,
Richard R. Miller,
 David Cockrell,
Gay Washington,
Ryan McCaghren,
Jared Yust,
Mellisa Wills,
Toni Wolfe,
Mark Rountree,
Matt Register,
Kyle Norris,
Dale Alspach,