Sunday, March 8, 2015

Grow A Garden In the Backyard

plant some wheats in the backyard,
a small crop,
and the harvest is profound.
But, there is half-a-year long
of plowing, weeding, and growing
going on and on.
rain or shine,
dry or wet,
morning or dawn,
feed or fed....
the joy of gardening lasts life time long.
plant some soy beans in the backyard,
then leave it unattended,
there will be growth
along with angry crows,
maybe attentive rabbits,
the harvest maybe little,
yet, you have grown a garden
in the backyard
the lawn won't be plain,
and the home won't be an empty den.
Doing is weaving dreams,
Write down your garden,
smile at the stone
thrown in Peter's lotus stream.