Sunday, April 26, 2015

OU Medical Ambulance

a flu shot on your arm,
causing lots of germ fights in your blood stream,
a stroke upon from unknown figures,
leading to phone calls on Medical ambulance.
Passing Crescent and Broadway streets,
We come to my dentist office,
Lizketh Mussery and Lisa Lambt care about others,
Tom Lee and Gina Noble enter political enterprise.
To keep Stillwater running,
Sharon Robertson agrees to a truce,
to please Alissa Schapiro and Scott Leming,
Lori Allen shows no prejuice.
OU medical School and UCO medical center are cool,
OSSM math and science is wise,
J. D. Henneberry and Rachel Wu study hard,
Tara Robinson and Nancy Black know how to balance relationship art.

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