Monday, November 30, 2015

getting into San Diego and Del Mar by American Airlines

I have come cross lots of borders,
I have known many folks
who indeed admire
higher ground of technology and wit

beside folks such as Sheng Wu, Ani Ajit,
Julia Watson, Sophia Bolag, and Stacia Campbell,
We also know Jian Cao, Douglas Foster, Kara Sandberg,
and we push further to recognize Luncinda Southworth...

let's look at our shopping list,
place these up: Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton,
John Kennedy, Jim Carter, Michelle Obama, and Laura Bush
and the Concourse from HyaTT AT lOS Angeles is cool.

Manchu Asian food is one from Dallas, Fort Worth Stock Yard,
adding Dickey, Dick Cheney, Wendy Yan, Pizza Hut,
we are tickled by those startling showcase, a name such as
Fendi Casa, Adam Pitluk, Leila Cobo, and Mat Wiggins would do wonders

here comes Omega, Ushuaia Argebtina, Jackie Morelisse,
Genius Jones, Otero, American Way magazine provides treats,
Ryan Bros, Vallarta, Nayarit, Ed Leibowitz, Debbie Michaud,
Kathleen Parrish, Travis Kinsey, Todd Johnson, Jennifer Ferguson

it seems like our friends are long and proud,
Seaworld from San Diego, Lego land from Disney world,
wow, Sam Walton, Murphy USA, and Walt Disney, they
add joy to our restricted mind

and we fly, cross Colorado mountain,
We pass Salt Lake, and landing on Wyndham Bayside Hotel,
and enjoy Quality Inn beside FUJi Sushi house,
and what fun to see Fashion Valley, Panda Express, Gepetto, Welzels...