Friday, April 1, 2016

poetry rally week 83, a fabulous inquiry on nutrition, fitbit melody, and free verse

  She then lets go
  in term
  of the previous crowds
  or the former tryouts
  connecting to cultural context
  online or off campus
  without face to face confirmation
  Things become decent
  Wellness, Fitbit, New Balance of nutrition
  any time
  any where
  her echo speaks and stirs
  meditation, fruit cups, poetic rhyming
  they stack up like brick laying
  Inferior won't be able to get arrayed
  as Forest Park rocks in Saint Louis bay
   this april
  bending its body like an arch
  head to toe
  left to right
  inside out
  day by day
  citi cards, quick silver, jp chase morgan, or barclay
  pay checks, cash, and quarters roll like mechanical machine
  Well, Well,
   her self must melt
   changing "weatherly",
   adapting "wisely"
   number 11 bus on foot,
   or rides on a bike
   green lawn, silicon valley,
   frosty look gets orchestra ed by song of a mouse

   squeak, squeak,
   Wendy's -New-Missy-Wildcats, Daddy O's guitar
   all music vibrates 

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