Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 28, State Capital of Oklahoma, 2016 Graduation, Oklahoma School of Math and Science

see the tide go swollen
see the face lighten up in Heaven
a merry and happy sheen

Bricktown is one of those exciting location for ossm students during weekend visits

Jim Thorpe museum is charming along Licoln street near state capital building, under mary fallin

iron gate enables absolute security for ossm students, where a school runs
for 11, 12 grade students from the U. S., where Frank Wang is the principal

2014-2016, that is for Tuzo,  Benjiamin, Andrew, John, Jessica, Senta, Nick, Nathan, Tom, Emily, Chris, Tina, Albert, Mary, Allen, Bing, Philip, William, Joseph, Ben, Keiley, Connie, Ruyu, Abbey

joe, carol, rebecca, sue, christina, todd, karen, amy, eric, nium, judy, lori, and ji help set up dinner

folks enjoy a laughter at Great Hall of Dan Little building

a cup of coffee and a breakfast plate with $5 charge serve thomas edison parent well, May 28, ossm

faculty and students enjoy standing at first floor of state capital building, getting ready to walk up to stage, and accept their ossm high school 2016 degree, via xifan liu, chris shrock, joe kingery, frank wang, lori webster, john nguyen, sue dick, amy loper, judy wang, carol benett, barack obama, mary fallin

                     not many know our small lord tom lee wu, or our relative emily wang, but mostly, they behave and smile, hoping for a satisfying ceremony, the way brad henry and kim henry win election
2006-2012 (brad henry) 2012-2018, mary fallin

the dinner is rich, all parents feel happy, including tuzo and rachel

    albert cai and emily dial seem cool when they win academic excellence from david boren

a family of Hogan and Shedrick have fun, lossing and relaxing before ossm 2016 ceremony

it seems like, Frank Wang, Lori Webster, Dan Little, Chris Shrock, and Xifan Liu are ready for outside walk, may 28, 2016

      students walk into stage aisle by small groups,

 amy and eric loper come for dinner on may 27, the night before may 28 ceremony, benjiamin loper is graduating

3 sheriff stand near campital of oklahoma, may 28, 2016, making sure all visitors are docile and kind

 mark li, rebecca morris, and frank wang chat

a sign from capital building, showing our school manager bryan hensley

  proud 2016 ossm high school class

 2016, may 28, ossm faculty and administrative sit, facing sunshine

the 2016 class circles around Indian heroine Cori Faramon

a sweet moment

xifan liu annonces for student to accept their degree certificates, and Frank Wang, Lori Webster, Dan Little make sure a picture is taken for each students

jessica yen smiles

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