Wednesday, September 14, 2016

short story slam week 53, what we read is what we preserve

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Books seem finding their voices all over the place.
I make friends with books

when I was young,
I read Graphic novels, fairy tales such as Grime Tonghua

In Elementary school,
I read world famous poetry,  Emily Dickerson, Robert Frost, Maya Anglou, Alice Walker

As a teenager,
I read American history, plus Disney movie scripts, Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck

In high school,
I read about national heroes and newspapers,  a personal story could trig our curosity

ACT, SAT, ToFel, GRE, Iowa standardized testing,
J. K. rowling, John Green, Kay Ryan, Mother Goose, Dr. Suess, P. D. Eastman, Eric Carle.....

I am given positive words when i read,  
Grandma Emma and Grandpa QuinLan often image magics in me since I love schooling

education involves lots of reading,
Uncle Steve and Aunt Kendall often buy books and share

I read to myself before going to bed
I unwind the thrill of Dou Pu,  Li Bai, Qu Yuan, Chiong Yao, San Mao, He Xi, and Gary Soto